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Donut delights in Tempe

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We donut mess around when it comes to donut shop delights in Tempe 

National Donut Day is Friday, June 4, 2021.

The Donut Competition 

We thought it would be a blast to showcase some of Tempe’s most beloved donut shops and pin donuts up against one another, sprinkle to sprinkle in the [one of the] most important competitions of the year.

Of course, everyone in our office was willing to participate… no arm twisting here. 

Round 1  

The first go around, we were so fascinated with the donuts from local creative favorites, Donut Parlor and Hurts Donuts 

Donut get us wrong, we love a fun donut but flavor is just as important, if not more. Some categories that we considered while checking out these round pieces of joy were Most InstagrammableFor the Brave (and Willing), and Most Creative and Colorful. 

These categories were kept in the forefront of our taste buds as we tried flavors like Strawberry Special K Cereal, S’mores and Maple Bacon. You read that right!  

Conveniently located on your way to work is Donut Parlor – the strip mall location on Elliot near Priest Dr. doesn’t do justice for how awesome tasting the donuts are. You’re sure to be the office hero when you bring in a variety pack of these donuts. It definitely upped our popularity when we brought the donuts in to our office.

Group projects and team collabs get a whole lot easier with we’re incentivized by donuts, agreed? Hurts Donuts is located near the ASU Tempe Campus, so grab one of those scooters with a basket and make your way to school or work with a variety of donuts in tow. (Please consume donuts responsibly and do not eat donuts while operating a scooter.)

Round 2 

In Round 1, we had a free for all taste test where our co-workers just picked out the donut(s) they were dying to trySo we wanted to make our second taste test a bit more scientific. Two companies went head to head with nearly identical donuts. 

We drove ourselves glazy comparing these donuts and our team was certain that they voted for the same company each time. We compared batter profiles, size and sugar content – in this case, size matters ladies and gents. 

Although each donut had very similar flavors as its counterparts, it became the battle of the Company A vs. Company B. In this case, we checked out Arizona Donut Company, on Broadway west of Hardy, and Boba & Donuts, off Baseline and 48th St. in the Fry’s Food Plaza. I did pull the wool over the team’s eyes by switching the company placement in the second round of tasting. Everyone thought they were voting for the same company, but in actuality, they voted for the other company. Gotcha!

Tell one, tell all. Tempe is home to awesome donuts. 

It was all fun and games ‘til we came down from the sugar high and hit the sugar coma. I think we can happily say that every donut company wins, and we win for getting to eat every donut. 

  • Rachel’s Favorite: Chocolate donut with chocolate chips from Donut Parlor 
  • Toni’s Favorite: Sugar twist from Boba & Donuts 
  • Amy’s Favorite: Glazed donut from Arizona Donut Co. 
  • Alicia’s Favorite: Maple bacon from Hurts Donuts 

We shared our favorites, now it’s your turn. What’s your favorite kind of donut? Tell us in the comments below! 


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Arizona Donut Company * open 24 hours, delivers with GrubHub
1030 W. Broadway Rd., Tempe, AZ 85282 | (480) 968-1321
Order online through their website for catering. Call ahead for curbside pickup. Order through GrubHub for no-contact delivery.

Boba & Donuts
2700 W. Baseline Rd. #129, Tempe, AZ 85283 | (480) 773-6888
Call ahead for curbside pickup, place your order for counter service to-go.

Donut Parlor * delivers with GrubHub
1245 W. Elliot Rd. #103, Tempe, AZ 85284 | (480) 570-1900
Call ahead for curbside pickup, place your order for counter service to-go. Order delivery with GrubHub.

Hurts Donuts * open 24 hours, delivers with Postmates and DoorDash
2161 E. University Dr., Tempe, AZ 85281 | (480) 765-2101
Call ahead for curbside pickup, place your order for counter service to-go. Order delivery with Postmates and DoorDash.

Hurts Donut
Hurts Donut in Tempe, AZ

Written Rachel Semik

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